Ferraro plants herself behind the microphone and simply shares. And it’s perfect.
— Michael Block, Theater in the Now

WHY SO MUCH SHAME? originally ran during the 10th Annual FRIGID Festival at Under St. Marks Theater for six performances, to raves from audiences and critics alike.  It received three awards and was extended to become the final show of the festival. It then went on to play for a single performance during the Dead Parents Club Solo Show Festival (The Tank) in June 2016.

Synopsis: Nicole was six when her dad died. But she kept trying to get his attention, in hopes he'd come back. WHY SO MUCH SHAME? uses vivid storytelling to explore a child's secret, unspoken grief, a woman's confrontation with the truth, and the powerful things that happen when we stop pretending. Watch excerpts from WHY SO MUCH SHAME? here.


Awards: Audience Choice Award (FRIGID Festival 2016). Sold Out Award (FRIGID Festival 2016). Hangover Award (FRIGID Festival 2016).